G. Wendell & A. Harley

Veronica thought it out one day, what’d be the least painful way

To leave her cruel world behind.

They found her on the bathroom floor, up against the door,

Still holding an empty bottle.


But, every little ounce of grace only comes through a pound of faith

Or wouldn’t you say?

She swallowed a months worth of sleeping pills

And two weeks later she’d awake to sing



When She opened her eyes


Glad to just be alive


To those who survived


Edward closed the blinds, questioned it in his mind,

Could it be better on the other side?

So he grabbed the rope, as he signed his note

“I love you all, goodbye.”


I think we’re thrown into troubled water, not to drown, but to be cleansed

Sing amen

He took a deep breath, and a leap of faith, when the rope snapped and gave way,

He gasped…



He put his anger aside


And his anger behind


A new chance at life


To those who survived


It should choke you all up inside the thought of a mother burying her own child

To those who survived tell your story and sing along



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