Boys Will Be Boys

Boys Will Be Boys

G. Wendell & A. Harley


I ran into her in the city the other day

I was caught off my guard fumbling words to say

She had bloomed into something beautiful that I didn’t expect

Looking back now I’m probably just her past regret

She awkwardly introduced me to her new boyfriend

Now looking back I wish I’d been a better man to you.


I guess I’m just a past love mistake

and I’m face to face with a heart I used to break

Forgive me; I was careless, naïve, and young,

Like any other boy, just having fun.


And as the saying goes “boys will be boys”

But a young girls heart’s not to be made a toy

And that’s what separates the men from the boys.


Late into our twenties with our own careers

With wedding plans and talks of a family growing near

But, I still had some wandering eyes

And they locked upon a stranger out late one night

I’ll make the story short, just tell you how it ends

She found someone else’s earring underneath our bed

Never got a chance to show her that engagement ring,

So I hope she’ll hear about it in this song I sing for you


Guess it was a one-night mistake

And I’m sleeping in a bed that’s never made

Now that I’m looking back and I can admit

I was a young man afraid to commit.


If I knew now, what I knew then

Oh let me try this all over again

It’s if I knew then what I know now,

Would I have ruined it anyhow?


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